FAQ: How Long Of A Canoe Trip Is It On The Ausable River From Rea Rd To Whirpool?

How long does it take to canoe the AuSable River?

In addition to paddling for 14–19 hours non-stop overnight, competitors must also make portages around six hydroelectric dams along the river race route. To participate in the race the competitor must be at least the age of 15.

How long does it take to canoe from Grayling to Oscoda?

The Au Sable River starts just north of Grayling and ends at Lake Huron in Oscoda. Every year there is a Canoe Marathon, which goes from Grayling to Oscoda. The paddlers start the race at 9 PM, paddle through night, and get to Oscoda at about 11 AM, the next day. Usually for the winner it takes about 14-14.5 hours.

Is the AuSable River easy to kayak?

The world famous AuSable and Manistee Rivers have a slow current, crystal clear water and no rocks or rapids, just an easy 3-5 mile per hour current. Kayaks are available for a unique outdoor experience. Trips range in length from 2 1/2 hours to several days.

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Where to kayak the AuSable River?

The put in is at the Wilmington Town Beach where there is a nice launch area and dock. Canoe and kayak rentals are available from the town during the summer months. You can paddle about a mile upstream from the beach area, at which point the Ausable River enters the lake.

How deep is the AuSable River?

The crystal clear waters of the AuSable River has a rocky, sandy bottom and a current averaging 3 to 4 miles per hour. Averaging 2 to 4 foot deep, the AuSable River is perfect for beginners and experts alike looking to relax and take in all of what mother nature has to offer.

How fast is the AuSable River?

Description. The Au Sable has a drainage basin of 1,932 square miles (5,000 km2) and an average flow of 1,100 ft3/s (31 m3/s) at its mouth. The river drops 650 feet (200 m) from its source at the junction of Kolka and Bradford Creeks.

How long is a canoe marathon?

Canoe marathon is a paddling sport in which athletes paddle a kayak (double-bladed paddle) or canoe (single-bladed paddle) over a long distance to the finish line. While the International Canoe Federation states the standard distances are up to 30 km, many races are significantly longer.

Who won the AuSable Canoe Marathon 2021?

OSCODA – Jorden Wakeley and Matt Meersman won the 2021 AuSable River Canoe Marathon in dominating fashion Sunday, crossing the finish line in Oscoda over 13 minutes ahead of the second place finishers.

What year did canoeing first appear in the Olympics?

Canoe/kayak made its first Olympic appearance as a demonstration sport in 1924 during the VIII Olympiad in Paris.

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Can you kayak the Ausable Chasm?

Whitewater enthusiasts now have the right to paddle through Ausable Chasm, but they better be sure to obey the letter of the law. Ausable Chasm Co. called the state police on Friday—the first day the run was open—to complain that kayakers were trespassing.

Can you swim in Au Sable River?

Ausable River Dam – Au Sable Forks Upstream from the dam, you can swim in the river. West of Au Sable Forks, just off of Ausable Drive, there is a sandy parking area. You can swim in the river, but be aware of the current and how close you are to the dam.

Who won the AuSable Canoe Race?

Brett Stockton, 9-time AuSable Canoe Marathon champ, to race this year. Sports. iosconews.com.

What county is Pine River Michigan in?

The mainstream is approximately 49 miles long and is formed by the confluence of the North Branch and East branch of the Pine River near Tustin in Osceola County at an elevation of 1,102 feet (336m). Natural River Zoning Rules – Zoning standards for the Pine River system are found on pages 1-21 and 50-53.

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