FAQ: How To Refinish A Wooden Canoe?

How do you restore a cedar strip canoe?

Soak the canoe for a day, then bail it out and let it dry before taking it for a paddle. If you come back with a cup or two of water in the bottom, no big deal. If it’s leaking any more than that, you should sand and re-coat with a high-grade oil-based varnish.

Is teak oil better than varnish?

Coo-Var Teak Oil is suitable for a wide range of garden furniture, including tables and chairs, making timber look natural and oiled, with a sheen finish that takes better to hardwoods than that of more traditional wood varnishes.

How much varnish do I need for a canoe?

4 coats of good varnish should do it.

Can you sand a Kevlar canoe?

Our canoes are built with an outer layer of fibreglass, which can be safely sanded. Other manufacturers use KEVLAR® as their outer layer, which will turn to fuzz when sanded.

What kind of canvas do you use for a canoe?

Untreated Canvas. The canvas that has been used traditionally on canoes.

How do you repair a canvas canoe?

Smear Ambroid on the bared canvas on the canoe around the damage, and while it is drying (or, anyway, setting), smear more on the canoe-side of the patch. Stick the patch on, smoothing it out well. Use light pressure to squeeze out excess Ambroid from under the patch. Smear a thin layer on the outside of the patch.

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