FAQ: What Does Arsat’s Brother Do While Arsat And Diamelen Run To The Canoe?

What does Arsat do when his brother comes running toward the canoe?

Answer Expert Verified. Arsat left his brother behind because he was afraid his pursuers would catch them. As he pushed his boat away from the shoreline he saw his brother running towards him being pursued by their enemies.

What happens to Arsat’s brother in the lagoon?

When the war party begins closing in on them, Arsat’s brother sacrifices himself by attempting to stall the search party. As Arsat and Diamelen escape unharmed, Arsat’s brother is overtaken and killed by the war party.

What happened to Asrat’s brother during the abduction of Diamelen in Conrad’s story the lagoon?

Arsat’s brother screams his name in horror and grief as he watches Arsat paddle away from him, leaving him to die at the hands of the rajah’s men. Arsat has been haunted by his decision ever since, and yet his love for Diamelen was more powerful than his love for his brother: I never turned back.

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What is Arsat’s state of mind?

What is Arsat’s state of mind? Arsat is disturbed and anxious. What does Arsat’s brother do while Arsat and Diamelen run to the canoe? He shoots at Rajah’s henchmen and tries to escape, but he is captured and killed.

What does Arsat do when the white man leaves?

When Arsat finishes telling the white man his plan to return and confront his enemies, he observes, “I can see nothing,” and the white man replies, “There is nothing.” The two men’s observations suggest the concept of the absurdity of life.

What causes Arsat to first speak to Diamelen?

Answer Expert Verified. The thing which causes Arsat to first speak to Diamelen is A. He wants to tell her that he loves her. Diamelen meant a lot to him so that he would do anything to be together in a safe, peaceful place, where death can’t chase them.

What happened to Diamelen finally?

The pursuers killed his brother and Arsat had betrayed his brother for the woman he loved, who was now dying. Towards the end of the story, symbolically, the sun rises and Diamelen dies. The story concludes with “Tuan”‘s simply leaving, and Arsat’s staring dejectedly into the sun and “a world of illusion”.

Who is the real hero of the lagoon?

Expert Answers Arsat is the hero of the story, although a case could be made for his brother. His brother helps Arsat take the woman he loves, and he sacrifices himself to protect the couple. Arsat is filled with remorse over his brother’s fate, whom he idolizes.

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How did Arsat’s brother died?

Arsat was to wait near the boat so they could all escape together. The brother used all of the shots remaining in the gun, but they were not enough. He was killed, while his brother was within earshot. Yet, Arsat did not look back.

Why does Tuan visit Arsat?

You get the impression that Tuan has visited his friend, Arsat (who we’ll meet in a minute), several times before when traveling through the area. He values Arsat’s friendship for his faithfulness and willingness to fight alongside him.

How does the white man feel about Arsat?

He liked the man who knew how to keep faith in council and how to fight without fear by the side of his white friend. From the text above, we can see the friendship isn’t a deep one; to the English Tuan, Arsat is a valued resource, nothing more.

How did Arsat reach the lagoon?

Arsat came through the doorway with noiseless steps and squatted down by the fire. The white man moved his outstretched legs a little.

Why does Arsat tell his story?

What causes Arsat to tell his story to the white man? He is troubled by his wife’s illness. Arsat’s wife is dying. Arsat reflects on how he met and won Diamelen.

What is Arsat’s purpose in telling the story?

What is Arsat’s purpose in telling his story? He is torn by the guilt of leaving his brother top run away with Diamelen.

What were the other men in the village doing when Arsat and his brother ran off?

Answer: They were fishing at night.

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