How Old Sportspal Canoe?

Are Sportspal canoes still made?

Since it’s humble beginnings in a small Northern Ontario garage, the Sportspal Canoe has grown to become a Canadian icon. With continued hard work over the last 60 years to develop the canoe, it has now become one of Canada’s most recognizable watercraft which now has a global customer base.

What are Sportspal canoes made of?

Sportspal Canoes are manufactured from Aircraft Grade Aluminum, which is then stretch-formed, heat treated and hardened. Lined with ethafoam (closed cell polyethylene) so they won’t sink even if fully loaded with water. The two piece hull is joined at the keel, making Sportspal canoes very durable.

Who makes Sportspal canoe?

The Sportspal by Meyers, Made in the USA, should not be confused with another canoe manufactured in Canada, whose hull is composed of thinner (0.022), softer (marine grade) aluminum. The Sponsons and Liner on the Sportspal by Meyers are also larger and thicker than the Canadian model.

Where are Wenonah Canoes made?

Wenonah Canoes are made in Minnesota. Wenonah Canoe is a smaller, independent, family-run canoe company in Winona, Minnesota.

What is a double ended canoe?

Double Ended Canoes are a premier sporting canoe. A wide flat bottom coupled with the side ethafoam sponsons makes the Double Ended Canoe virtually untippable. The Double Ended Canoe was especially designed for fishing and hunting.

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