How To Become A Member Of The Outrigger Canoe Club?

How much is Outrigger Canoe Club membership?

Dues are $118 per month. Applicants ages 18 to 29 pay $1,500, but those over 40 pay the hefty $13,000 initiation fee. Memberships include spouses and children under 10.

Who owns Outrigger Canoe Club?

In 1963, Roy Kelley bought the old Outrigger Canoe Club from the estate of Queen Emma of Hawaii and built the Outrigger Waikiki in this site. In 1967, the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach hotel opened, the first to carry the Outrigger name. During the 1970s, Outrigger grew into a chain of Hawaiian hotels.

How many people can outrigger canoe?

The body of the canoe is long and narrow, with a rounded point at the front and back of the canoe. Outrigger canoes can be for one, two, three, four, or six people, respectively called OC1, OC2 and so on for however many seats the canoe has. Many canoe clubs use Hawaiian words to describe various parts of the canoe.

What do you wear to outrigger canoeing?

Water-wicking clothes recommended ( rash guards, neoprene or board shorts ), dive or water shoes, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, paddling or biking gloves (optional)it’s always good to wear layers in the Bay Area. Refrain from cotton clothing which will soak up water instead of repel water.

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How much is Honolulu club membership?

The Honolulu Club would like to offer HSBA members a special discounted rate of $144 per month. Regular rates are $180, with a $250 Initiation fee. No initiation fee for Members! Plus, Receive a complimentary personal training session w/posture assessment AND Pilates session.

What was the main purpose of the Outrigger Beach and Canoe Club?

Alexander Hume Ford, a malihini from South Carolina, with the support of Honolulu businessmen, established a club at Waikïkï where “men and boys could ride upright on the crest of waves.” Its mission then, as it is today, is to foster and promote the water sports of old Hawaii.

What is outrigger canoe paddling?

Outrigger Canoeing is a racing sport of the canoeing discipline in which canoes with lateral floats called outriggers fastened to the hull is used for racing. The sport is very popular in the Hawaiian islands. The women’s version of the race is called Na Wahine O Ke Kai.

What is faster canoe or kayak?

Paddler for paddler, a kayak will go twice as fast as a canoe all things being equal. That’s because a kayak paddle has two blades as opposed to the canoe paddle with only one. Put two people in a canoe, then the speed of a canoe is comparable to the speed of a single kayak.

What is the purpose of outriggers on a canoe?

The main purpose of the attached outrigger is to provide the paddlers with more stability in the ocean. It helps to keep the balance of the hull when facing rough water or when paddling quickly. In a way it provides a safety net for those within the canoe as they can rely on the added balance when in the open water.

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How long is a 6 man outrigger canoe?

Length: 44 ft. 1 in. Waterline Length: 39 ft. 6 in.

What do you wear kayaking on the Bay?

Basic safety gear

  • Non-cotton base layers for warmth and insulation.
  • Wetsuit (Farmer John style) or drysuit.
  • Paddle jacket.
  • Booties.
  • PFD—a Coast Guard-approved PFD (Personal Flotation Device) must be carried by all boaters.
  • Whistle—attach permanently to your PFD, although not to the main zipper.
  • Spray skirt.
  • Food and water.

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