How To Carve The Canoe In Sims Castaway Ds?

How do you make a boat on Sims Castaway?

you have to have a chisel and hammer, the Hammer situation confused me a bit until i found out that Dr. Feelgood was trading a “Hammer Handle”. trade the item she wants for the handle and get a stone; craft them and you shall have that desired Hammer. then return to the log and begin chiselling.

How do you make rope on Sims 2 Castaway DS?

Guest answered: To make rope you need three vines. Then you just go to the crafting rock and make it.

Where do you get rope in Sims Castaway?


  1. You need to find secial/cecial on the 2nd island (near the place you build the bridge) and or build a craft bench, go to the 1st island again i hope this helps you.
  2. The rope is made out of sisal, which looks like a carrot (not a game carrot, but an actual carrot) with long, spiky leaves coming out the top.

How do you get limes on Sims 2 Castaway DS?

If you look on the left side you’ll see a tree just shake it, if you don’t see it just keep clicking around the area and hopefully you’ll find it, then go back to mrs weeder person and give her it then trade for lime seeds and plant it.

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How do you get the pufferfish in Sims 2 Castaway DS?

Ok to unlock the pufferfish you have to get the medicine from Dr. Feelgood for Ms. Weeder’s plants. After that you can fish anywhere in the ocean during the day to get a pufferfish.

How do you get the hammer on Sims 2 Castaway DS?

First you gotta get the vines from the plant near by the garden lady. Next you gotta have a stone. Then to top it off you trade a pufferfish, two green bugs and one hotpink bug for the stick of the hammer. Then you assemble it at the place where you craft stuff.

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