How To Cut A Canoe Neckline?

How do you draft a canoe neckline?

Mark a point at the center of the shoulder seam for the width of the neckline. Join the 2 points with a VERY gentle curve. When worn, the neckline should appear almost straight across the neck. On the back bodice, lower the center back neck about 1/2”.

What is V shape neckline?

V neck. noun. a neck on a garment that comes down to a point on the throat or chest, resembling the shape of the letter “V”

What’s a Bardot neckline?

An off-shoulder neckline, as the name clearly tells you, is a wide-open neckline exposing the shoulders. It is also known as the Bardot neckline after the starlet Brigitte Bardot, who really popularized this neckline in the 50’s. It is a classic neckline – which adorned the gowns of beauties in the Regency period.

What is a boatneck top?

A boat neck, also called a bateau neck or Sabrina neckline, is a wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back, almost to the shoulder points, across the collarbone. It is traditionally used in nautically inspired sweaters and knitwear, but is also featured in more elegant cocktail dresses and eveningwear.

How do you do a simple round neckline?


  1. Start With the Shoulders. Before you sew the neck binding, sew the shoulder seams.
  2. Sew the Neck Binding. Sew a short seam by folding the binding in half, right sides together, then stitching at the pattern’s seam allowance.
  3. Press.
  4. Pin the Neck.
  5. Keep Pinning.
  6. Get Out Your Machine.
  7. Backstitch.
  8. Finish Off the Seam.
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What is kaftan material?

Used by many West and Southwest Asian ethnic groups, the kaftan is ancient Mesopotamian (modern day Iraq) in origin. It may be made of wool, cashmere, silk, or cotton, and may be worn with a sash.

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