Often asked: How Far Is Gibbs Gardens From Big Canoe?

How long does it take to walk through Gibbs Gardens?

Plan on 3 to 4 hours to see Gibbs Gardens in its entirety or 1 1/2 to 2 hours to see either the Valley Gardens or Manor House Gardens.

What is the best time to visit Gibbs Gardens?

Gibbs Gardens is famous for its seasonal color displays, with spring and fall being the most popular “colorfest” seasons. Now that the weather is warming, it’s the perfect time to plan a visit.

Does anyone live in the Manor house at Gibbs Gardens?

The Manor House itself is where Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs live, but they invite visitors to kick off their shoes and walk in the grass, enjoy a lounge chair by the pool, and have fun exploring the gardens around the house.

What town is Gibbs Garden in?

Atlanta Daytrips | North GA Destinations | Gibbs Gardens.

Can you get married at Gibbs Gardens?

Gibbs Gardens offers the following indoor/outdoor options for weddings: Indoor. Covered Outdoor. Uncovered Outdoor.

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Can I bring my dog to Gibbs Garden?

Only service dogs are permitted in the Gardens. Only service dogs allowed is the rule at Gibbs.

Is Gibbs garden open in December?

Hours – 9AM to 4PM December 5 — Final 2021 Operating Day.

Can you take photos at Gibbs Garden?

Photos are NOT prohibited at the gardens. I have even seen several people with tripods. It is a beautiful place to visit.

Who owns Gibbs Garden?

Jim Gibbs, founder of Gibbs Landscape, one of Atlanta’s largest landscape companies, has spent a good chunk of his personal fortune and decades of patient cultivation preparing for just this moment.

How old is Gibbs Garden?

The grounds around the Manor House were started in 1980 and planted with 20 to 30 year old plants and trees to provide instant age and character.

When did Gibbs garden open?

Gibbs Gardens opened in 2012 and I have just started hearing about this gorgeous place in the last couple of years.

What’s in bloom at Gibbs Garden?

What’s in Bloom

  • Spring and early Summer. AZALEA COLORFEST. Early April until early Fall. FERN DELL COLORFEST.
  • Summer. DAYLILY COLORFEST. Early June through August.
  • Fall. WILDFLOWER COLORFEST. Early September through November.

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