Question: How To Rent A Canoe Slip At Marsh Creek?

Can you kayak at Marsh Creek?

Marsh Creek is almost magical, especially at sunset. Go anytime and paddle the lake or rent a kayak or canoe. Early mornings feature lots of wildlife.

Can you bring your own paddle board to Marsh Creek?

Bring your own paddle board/kayak or rent. Small beach area for small children. No swimming although my kids always find ways to fall off their watercraft and swim back to it.

Does Marsh Creek have paddle boats?

Kayaks. Paddleboards. Sailboats. Lake tours throughout the summer.

Is Marsh Creek Open?

The park is open every day of the year, sunrise to sunset.

Can you swim at Marsh Creek?

Swimming is prohibited in Marsh Creek Lake.

How deep is Marsh Creek?

The lake volume is 13,000 acre-feet (4.4 billion gallons) with a maximum depth of 80 feet at the dam.

Do you need a license to fish at Marsh Creek?

Come out and fish Marsh Creek Lake this Sunday – no fishing license needed!

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What kind of fish are in Marsh Creek Lake?

The 535-acre Marsh Creek Lake is an excellent lake to fish for warmwater species. Anglers have landed 40-inch -long tiger muskies. Fishing at Marsh Creek State Park

  • Largemouth bass.
  • Channel catfish.
  • Black crappie.
  • Panfish.

How long is Marsh Creek?

About The Trail The Marsh Creek Regional Trail, in easternmost Contra Costa County, winds along Marsh Creek through bountiful tracts of farmland. The paved, multi-use trail is about 6.5 miles long and extends from Creekside Park in Brentwood to the wave-lapped Delta shores of Big Break.

Is Blue Marsh Lake open?

Blue Marsh Lake’s facilities offer something for everyone. The developed recreation areas are open at 8 a.m. every day and close around dusk accordingly during each season.

Are dogs allowed at Marsh Creek State Park?

Pets are welcome in the park. Dogs must be on a leash and cleaned up after.

Why is there no swimming in Marsh Creek?

Water conditions at Marsh Creek Lake make the water susceptible to harmful algal blooms throughout the year. Swimming in the lake is not authorized and not recommended.

Does Marsh Creek have camping?

There is no overnight camping at Marsh Creek State Park. Within one mile of the park is a privately owned campground on PA 282. French Creek State Park is 20 miles to the north and has year-round camping.

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