Quick Answer: How Did Arsat Get In The Canoe In Which He Made His Final Escape With Diamelen?

How did Arsat reach the lagoon?

Arsat came through the doorway with noiseless steps and squatted down by the fire. The white man moved his outstretched legs a little.

What happen to Arsat wife in the lagoon?

Plot. Tuan hops aboard a boat to visit a long-lost friend named Arsat. When he meets Arsat, he finds out his wife, Diamelen, is dying.

Why does Arsat tell his story to Tuan?

when Tuan meets Arsat, Arsat tell him his story, as he is distraught over his lover, Diamelen, is severely sick and about to die. Arsat is looking for medicine that will help Diamelen.

What finally happened to Arsat’s brother?

What happens to Arsat’s brother in “The Lagoon”? He is killed as Arsat leaves.

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What causes Arsat first to speak to Diamelen?

Answer Expert Verified. The thing which causes Arsat to first speak to Diamelen is A. He wants to tell her that he loves her. Diamelen meant a lot to him so that he would do anything to be together in a safe, peaceful place, where death can’t chase them.

Who is the real hero of the lagoon?

Expert Answers Arsat is the hero of the story, although a case could be made for his brother. His brother helps Arsat take the woman he loves, and he sacrifices himself to protect the couple. Arsat is filled with remorse over his brother’s fate, whom he idolizes.

What is the message of the lagoon?

Joseph Conrad’s The Lagoon deals with themes of love, loyalty, betrayal, and remorse. The lagoon represents death, the murkiness of the human condition, and the difficulty of navigating through life with a clear conscience.

Who is the white man in the lagoon?

The white man, affectionately called Tuan, is non-judgmental (meaning ”passing no moral judgment”) toward his friend’s story. Diamelen, though a smaller role, is important because much of the story reflects on her rescue, of which Arsat’s brave, strong, and proud brother was a part.

Why didn’t the men in the boat want to stay at Arsat’s house?

Why are the men in the boat coming to Arsat’s place? What is the reaction of the Malays to the plan to stay at Arsat’s house? They are disturbed because they do not like or trust Arsat. What causes Arsat to tell his story to the white man?

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What causes Arsat to risk?

Explanation: In The Lagoon, by Joseph Conrad, we meet Arsat, a man who is desperately in love with Diamelen. Diamelen is a servant to the Rajah’s wife, and Arsat kidnaps her in order to be with her. He risks everything in the process, and ends up losing his brother.

What was Arsat doing when the white man left the place at the end?

At the end of the story, Arsat plans to seek revenge. The white man Tuan is leaving the lagoon and urges Arsat to come with him, but Arsat refuses. Arsat’s forbidden lover Diamelen has died, and Arsat feels that there is nothing left in the world for him.

How does the white man feel about Arsat?

He liked the man who knew how to keep faith in council and how to fight without fear by the side of his white friend. From the text above, we can see the friendship isn’t a deep one; to the English Tuan, Arsat is a valued resource, nothing more.

How did Arsat’s brother died?

Arsat was to wait near the boat so they could all escape together. The brother used all of the shots remaining in the gun, but they were not enough. He was killed, while his brother was within earshot. Yet, Arsat did not look back.

How did Arsat’s brother die?

Arsat’s brother selflessly risks his life helping his brother escape with Diamelen. When the war party begins closing in on them, Arsat’s brother sacrifices himself by attempting to stall the search party. As Arsat and Diamelen escape unharmed, Arsat’s brother is overtaken and killed by the war party.

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What were the other men in the village doing when Arsat and his brother ran off?

Answer: They were fishing at night.

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