Quick Answer: What Does Karana Do To Fix A Canoe So That She Can Use It?

What does Karana use to patch the leak in her canoe?

The sea is rough and Karana is afraid, but she uses the stars to find her way. During the night, she realizes her canoe is leaking, and plug the crack with fiber form her skirt.

Why does Karana hide her canoe?

Karana begins to wonder what will happen if the Aleuts come back, and realizes she must have some means of escape. Soon she discovers a rock ledge that would be a perfect place to store her canoe so that she could have it ready if she needed to escape the Aleuts.

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What does Karana see while she is gathering items for her canoe?

Knowing that gathering enough wood to make a new canoe will take a long time, Karana searches for wreckage from the old canoes. She finds the remains of one of her canoes, and brings the planks back to her house. Under the dark clouds, Karana sees a ship.

Where does Karana decide to hide the rebuilt canoe?

Karana finds a hiding place in case the Aleuts come back to the island, finds and repairs a canoe to be seaworthy, and eventually finds the best cave on the island.

How does Ramo die?

By the time she finds him, Ramo has been killed by a pack of wild dogs. Karana vows to kill the dogs in Ramo’s honor.

What is karanas problem at the end of Chapter 12?

What is Karana’s problem at the end of chapter 12? The island has very strong wind; therefore, there are not many large trees. She needs wood to build her shelter.

Why do you think Karana didn’t kill the wild dog when she had the chance?

Why didn’t Karana kill the leader of the wild dogs when she had a chance? The dog stayed on the ground; if he got up she may have shot him. She wanted a friend.

How does Karana finally leave the island?

Karana decides to meet them and she prepares to leave the island. She puts on her otter cape, cormorant skin dress, and black stone necklace. The men want to hunt sea otters but the otters have gone away. On the tenth day, the ship leaves the island with Karana, her dog Rontu-aru, and her two birds in their cage.

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What was the wave of earth that Karana felt?

Karana soon sees a huge wave ( tsunami ) coming towards the island, and she runs to escape by climbing a cliff. She climbs as high as she can but is soaked by a second, larger ocean wave. Once the water retreats, Karana leaves the cliff for the safety of her shelter.

What does Karana do when she realizes her brother Ramo is not on the ship?

When Ramo does not arrive at the beach, Karana returns to the village. Instead, she returns to the village and sits up all night by hr brother’s body, vowing one day to kill the wild dogs. Many days pass after Ramo is killed, and on one foggy morning Karana decides to leave the village forever.

What did Karana and Tutok the Aleut girl do together?

Tutok becomes friends with Karana when they exchange names and play games together during Tutok’s short stay on the island. Karana and the Aleut girl, Tutok, become friends. Tutok visits the cave often while the hunters are on the island.

What does Rontu ARU look like?

Unlike the other dogs, which have brown fur and brown eyes, Rontu has yellow eyes and gray fur (he is also much larger than the average dog of the island).

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu death?

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu’s death? She put a mixture into the spring water to make the dogs go to sleep. Their ship had sunk in the storm, then their was no other ship.

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Why did Karana adopted the two baby birds?

Karana knew that if she broke up the fight they would eventually fight again. Why go you think Karana adopted two baby birds? They provide her with company and friend ship.

What was the great storm washed ashore which really helped her in building another canoe?

It was important for Karana to build another canoe because if she sails on it, it will fall and break into pieces and leak. What had the great storm washed ashore which really helped her build another canoe? The great storm washed ashore long strings of black pitch, which was often dificult to find on the island.

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