Readers ask: Island Of The Blue Dolphins What Are The Repairs Karana Made To The Canoe?

What does Karana use to patch the leak in her canoe?

The sea is rough and Karana is afraid, but she uses the stars to find her way. During the night, she realizes her canoe is leaking, and plug the crack with fiber form her skirt.

Why did Karana start repairing the canoe?

Karana decides to repair the canoe that she left half-buried on the sandspit. She wants the canoe ready so that she can escape if Aleut hunters return to the island. Karana spends most of the summer making the canoe smaller and easier to handle.

What changes did Karana make to the canoe?

Solution? The canoe. Karana returns to the canoe she abandoned on the beach and digs it out of the sand. Karana makes it shorter with her tools because it is too big for her to drag around, even though it is one of the smaller canoes.

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What does Karana see while she is gathering items for her canoe?

Knowing that gathering enough wood to make a new canoe will take a long time, Karana searches for wreckage from the old canoes. She finds the remains of one of her canoes, and brings the planks back to her house. Under the dark clouds, Karana sees a ship.

How does Ramo die?

By the time she finds him, Ramo has been killed by a pack of wild dogs. Karana vows to kill the dogs in Ramo’s honor.

What is karanas problem at the end of Chapter 12?

What is Karana’s problem at the end of chapter 12? The island has very strong wind; therefore, there are not many large trees. She needs wood to build her shelter.

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu death?

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu’s death? She put a mixture into the spring water to make the dogs go to sleep. Their ship had sunk in the storm, then their was no other ship.

How did Karana feel after she returned to the island?

How did Karana feel when she finally reached the island? She felt tired, relieved, happy and mad. Karana left the island because she could not bear to live there alone another day; yet when she returned she felt happy.

How did Karana finally kill the Devilfish?

Karana raises her spear to kill the devilfish (which are very tasty), but it shoots out a cloud of ink and escapes.

What kept Karana from being lonely?

Rontu kept karana from being lonely.

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Why did Ulape draw a thin line of blue clay across her face?

Ulape draw a mark in blue clay across her face to signal that she in unmarried. A storm is gathering, and so they must be quick, lest the white men’s ship run against the rocks. Chief Matasaip explains to Karana that they cannot wait for Ramo, because if they do, the ship will be wrecked against the rocks.

Why did Karana throw away the beads?

Karana becomes so entranced with the jewelry that she nearly forgets what she was initially looking for. When she remembers the men who died in battle with the Aleuts, she decides that she cannot wear them and throws the beads into the ocean.

Why is Karana afraid of the Aleut girl?

Karana was afraid the Aleut girl would find her cave because lots of different types of food grew in the ravine near her cave (page number). Karana hates and fears the Aleuts because they killed her father and most of her people.

Why did Karana and Rontu have to stay overnight in the black cave?

Karana goes out that night to observe the Aleut camp. She does not take Rontu with her, because the Aleuts may have brought dogs. Karana is afraid the Aleut girl might happen upon her house while looking for food or water, but decides to stay in the cave in the ravine.

Why do you think Karana didn’t kill the wild dog when she had the chance?

Why didn’t Karana kill the leader of the wild dogs when she had a chance? The dog stayed on the ground; if he got up she may have shot him. She wanted a friend.

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